Refund and Returns Policy

Refund and Returns Policy

While we hope that you are completely satisfied with our coaching services, we understand that life circumstances may prevent you from continued service.

We are able to refund any coaching service not performed for that given month.

  1. A full refund for the month will be given if you have not had any services.
  2. You will a receive a refund of half of a month’s coaching costs if you have had your scheduled phone consultation, but did not receive your training/nutrition program.
  3. There will not be a refund if the coaching services for the month were already provided.

Cancelling Your Coaching Subscription

You are able to cancel your coaching subscription at any time and will receive no further charges to your card on file.

Refund Process

Please allow up to 14-days for your refund to be received by your bank. While we do our best to process refunds within 24-48 hours, each payment type has a different amount of time in which the funds fully reach your account.

Missing Your Refund?

If you have not received a refund as of yet, please check your bank account again.

If it is not in your account please contact your credit card company as it may take more time before your refund is officially posted.

If you have performed these steps and do not have your refund please reach out to us through the contact us form.

Changing Coaching Services

Let our team know if you would like to upgrade or downgrade your coaching. You will be billed for the services provided for that specific month and the amount will be agreed upon before the change is made.

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