San Diego's

The Original 619 Muscle Supplement Shop

The vibe of our original 619 Muscle location is motivation enough to put down the donuts and pick up the dumbbells. Expect to walk past IFBB pro bodybuilders, bikini competitors, MMA athletes, and sports superstars as you enter the door of our supplement store.

More Than a Supplement Store

Being a customer of 619 Muscle means you are a member of a team, a family, a group of like minded people who strive to set ourselves apart. With a grueling workout program, sound nutrition program, and the right nutritional supplements, we use fitness as a way to fuel our mind and body for self development and personal success.

Become the Next 619 Superhero

Thousands of athletes from a myriad of athletic and aesthetic pursuits have walked through the doors of 619 Muscle with a single goal in mind – victory. What started as a business looking for enough customers to keep the doors open has become a bodybuilding and fitness revolution where those customers become advocates carrying the 619 Muscle flag. We want YOU to be the next person who walked in for nutritional supplements but walked out with a commitment to transform your physique into that of a superhero.

Meet the Team

Pete Ciccone - Shop Owner (RN, BSN, CSCS)

Hi! My name is Pete Ciccone. I have been a competitive bodybuilder for over 30 years. I have been actively competing as an IFBB pro bodybuilder since 2013. Our team has helped thousands of athletes, competitors, and recreational fitness enthusiasts achieve their own version of an ideal physique. Show promoters and industry leaders have blessed me with the opportunity to travel the world and give seminars and guest appearances. When not traveling for public speaking, I continue to be an advisor about subjects related to fat loss, nutrition, and muscle building. This includes podcasts, interviews or written articles for magazines such as Oxygen Magazine and Status Fitness Magazine. Locally, it has been an honor to speak at local colleges and health classes, helping everyday people reach their fitness goals. With over two decades of clinical experience as a licensed registered nurse and three decades as a contest prep coach, my experience lives in every aspect of our shop. 619 MUSCLE is where I bring my understanding of science into sports nutrition supplements and share it with the San Diego community.

Frank Glauser - Shop Manager

Hello, my name is Frank Glauser and I am the General Manager of 619 Muscle. My love for fitness and the supplement industry began when I was 15 years old here in San Diego, CA. I learned more about hypertrophy training and supplements all throughout high school, while also playing sports such as football and rugby. After graduating high school, I started working with the owner of 619 Muscle, Pete Ciccone, and competed in my first physique competition. Pete’s decades of experience helped teach me even more about training and supplementation. I moved to Eugene, Oregon in 2015 to pursue my Bachelor’s degree at the University of Oregon. During summer and winter breaks, I continued working for 619 MUSCLE. In 2019, I graduated with my Bachelor’s of Science in Economics. In 2020, Pete promoted me to the General Manager position at 619 MUSCLE while simultaneously pursuing my Master’s of Business Administration from Pepperdine University’s Graziadio Business School. I graduate in August 2022 with my MBA (concentration in Finance & Data Analytics). Outside of work, I still love training, nutrition, and supplements but also enjoy traveling, snowboarding, hanging out with friends & my dog, and playing sports.

Directions to the Sports Nutrition Store

619 MUSCLE is located inside THE GYM in San Diego, California. Our clients come from all over San Diego County to find the best fitness products to reach their fitness goal.

Because we are located inside the best gym in San Diego, please see our parking recommendations.

Most available parking: 12-3PM Monday-Friday

Nearby Parking: Transit station across from the gym

Shop Hours

Mon-Friday 7AM-8PM

Sat & Sunday 9AM-3pm 

Directions From Chula Vista

Merge onto CA-54 W via the ramp on the left.

If you reach E 30th St you’ve gone about 0.1 miles too far

Merge onto I-5 N via EXIT 1B.

Take EXIT 23A toward Garnet Avenue/Grand Avenue.

Merge onto Mission Bay Dr.

Turn right onto Garnet Ave.

619 MUSCLE, 2949 Garnet Ave, San Diego

Directions From National City

Merge onto I-5 N.

Take EXIT 23A toward Garnet Avenue/Grand Avenue.

Merge onto Mission Bay Dr.

Turn right onto Garnet Ave.

619 MUSCLE, 2949 Garnet Ave, San Diego, CA

Directions From Encinitas, Solana Beach, and Del Mar

Merge Onto I-5 S.

Keep right to take Pacific Coast Highway/I-5 S toward Downtown.

Take EXIT 23 toward Garnet Ave/Balboa Ave.

Stay straight to go onto Mission Bay Dr.

Turn left onto Garnet Ave.

Merge onto Mission Bay Dr.

619 MUSCLE, 2949 Garnet Ave, San Diego, CA

Directions From El Cajon and La Mesa

Merge onto I-8 W toward San Diego.

Merge onto I-5 N via EXIT 2A toward Los Angeles.

Take EXIT 23A toward Garnet Avenue/Grand Avenue.

Merge onto Mission Bay Dr.

Turn right onto Garnet Ave.

619 MUSCLE, 2949 Garnet Ave, San Diego, CA, 2949 GARNET AVE.

Turn left onto Garnet Ave.