Lifestyle Fitness Coaching

Lifestyle Fitness Coaching

Our Lifestyle Fitness Program is a perfect program for competitors in the off-season or anyone who wants to make the fitness lifestyle a full time commitment. With a fitness coach, you can fast track your way to the physique you’ve always dreamed of.

Personalized Workout Program

The Lifestyle Fitness Program includes a personalized workout program that is custom tailored for your specific needs. We will develop your strength training program to help you build muscle where you need it. Whether you are looking to build bigger glutes or look jacked in a sleeveless shirt, we can help you achieve this fitness goal.

IFBB Pro Pete Ciccone will coach you every step of the way as you work towards your fittest self. Having been a Certified Personal Trainer for over 20-years, Pete has helped athletes go from obesity to absolutely shredded. Pete and his team are ready to help you become the next transformation.

Your program will include a personal training program that includes weight lifting and cardio programs filled with the details you need to make continuous progress. We will lay your plan out in an easy to follow format where you can document your results.


Custom Nutrition Programming

As your lifestyle coach, it only makes sense that we design a meal plan that fits your lifestyle. Pete’s experience in nutrition coaching gives him an understanding of a person’s specific needs. Differing training styles, work schedules, and health levels require a nutrition plan to be created one by one, with Pete, this is a mandatory practice.

With the Lifestyle Fitness Coaching program, you receive a monthly customized nutrition plan. This meal plan will include the macronutrient ratios you should aim for so that you keep making progress.


Supplement Recommendations

Using the right supplements can help you recover faster and reach your goals quicker. As a Fitness Professional who’s involvement in the supplement industry has reached the expert level, Pete helps you steer clear from gimmicky products. We base your recommendations on the ingredients and dosages that research suggests to be effective at building muscle and burning fat.

The Lifestyle Fitness Program includes a list of recommended supplements for your personal goals. This list will include the ingredients and dosages needed to help you get the most from your training and nutrition program.


Monthly Coaching Calls

Once a month, you will connect with Coach Pete to reset your training and nutrition program. Think of this as going to your fitness doc for a monthly checkup. During these meetings, you will discuss how the plan has gone since you last talked, what has developed since, and whether your goals have changed or stayed the same.

When you speak with Pete, it will light a fire under you to get after it and chase those goals. Not only is it our goal to provide you with the education but also the inspiration to become your fittest self. We believe in complete wellness coaching, which includes the mind and the body.

Email Check Ins

As a Lifestyle Fitness Coach, we believe that you should have an accountability partner when you need one. That is why, between your monthly calls, you can have your questions answered via email with the lifestyle coaching program. This way, when something comes up, you will get the help you need.


*Pricing is on a per-month basis.

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