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Coach Pete takes a hands on approach with every one of the clients he works with. All of the coaching services listed below includes a monthly phone consultation ensuring that the program meets your personalized needs.

Custom Meal Plans

Meal Prep

What works for one person may not work for the next. Creating the ideal fitness nutrition plan depends on many factors, including body composition, daily energy expenditure, resistance training intensity, and more. Pete uses is a multi factor approach to creating the right meal plan for you.


Meal Prep

Lifestyle Fitness Coaching

Fitness Ladies

When you consider the business of life, getting in great shape can be a challenge. But it can be easier when you have a fitness coach┬áproviding training and nutritional guidance to help propel you towards your goals. Coach Pete’s Lifestyle Fitness Coaching is the for anyone who wants to achieve a lean and muscular physique.


Fitness Ladies

Competition Prep Coaching

Contest Prep Coach

Need someone in your corner who you can trust to get you absolutely shredded come showtime? IFBB Pro Pete Ciccone has helped hundreds of athletes take home the 1st place trophy in elite level NPC and IFBB shows. With our Competition Prep Coaching, you will have access to the same coaching as these champion athletes.


Contest Prep Coach

About Coach Pete Ciccone

About Coach Pete

About IFBB Pro Pete Ciccone

Beginning his career as a personal trainer, Pete found a passion for physique transformation that went well beyond that of other trainers.

Competitive Bodybuilding Career

Pete started his competitive bodybuilding career in 1989 as well. Since that time he has continued to practice what he preaches and still competes to this day.

Fitness Industry Consultant

Having lectured on the subjects of fat loss, muscle building, and contest preparation, Pete is an industry expert. He has been a consultant for many leading fitness brands and supplement companies.

Fitness Publication Contributor

Pete has contributed to many publications, including Oxygen, Status Fitness, Muscle & Fitness, and many online fitness resources. He continues to write about the subject of physique transformation here on

Competition Prep Coach

He has had the honor of coaching competitive athletes of all experience levels from their first show to the IFBB professional bodybuilding stage.

Owner of 619 Muscle

Many know Pete as the owner of 619 Muscle in San Diego, California. It is here where Pete puts in the daily grind of in-person training and sports nutrition consultations.

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