How to Get Jacked and Tan For Beach Season

The internet is flooded with articles about how to get the beach body of your dreams. But these articles don’t speak to the 619 MUSCLE Superheroes who don’t just want to be skinny. What about those of us that want a muscular beach body that shows off our superhuman powers?

This article teaches you how to Build Muscle while burning fat, for the ultimate beach physique.

Summer Season Starts in Spring

It’s warming up here in San Diego and the beaches are filling up. If you don’t get started on your fat loss program now, you might end up caught off guard when your buddy tells you it’s time to head to Del Mar Beach

Set the Right Goals

“As much as possible” isn’t the right response when our sports nutrition specialists ask you how much weight loss you are hoping for. Having big goals is a great idea but having unrealistic expectations for building muscle mass and losing fat will leave you frustrated and disappointed.

Unless you are hiring Coach Pete to make you show ready in 12-16 weeks, set your goals with what is manageable for your lifestyle. You can (and will) get absolutely shredded in this amount of time but you will need a plan, accountability, and the right environment to make it happen.

Muscle growth is a different story. Adding 15 pound of muscle while burning 15 pounds of fat isn’t going to happen unless you use exogenous hormones to catapult muscle growth. Getting jacked takes more time than getting lean, so keep that in mind for this program.

Train for Peak Hypertrophy

You will need to train with the right rep ranges and methods if you hope to get jacked for beach season. This means you need to leave your strength training for a max bench, squat, or deadlift for a later date. It also means that your half marathon runs and endurance exercise needs to be put on hold.

Your resistance training better be on-point if you want to build lean muscle and burn body fat heading into beach season. Hypertrophy training should target each muscle group so that they “POP” with or without flexing. Utilizing advanced principles such as shock

Mix both steady state cardio and high intensity interval training for the most effective calorie burn. Utilizing high and low intensities enables you to balance hardcore cardio with low impact physical activity.

5 Superhero Training Tips For Beach Season

Contrary to the popular belief, cardio is not the way you get beach ready. But you can’t just tell someone they need to “lift weights” and expect them to understand the best methods for optimizing fat loss while stimulating muscle growth. 

Here are 5-methods that 619 Muscle wants you to use when trying to get jacked and tan.

Hit the Muscle With High Volume

Minimize your low rep exercises. Stick to movements that feel comfortable (but painful) for a high volume of reps. You should feel the muscle scream as you push through the final few reps. 

Train With High Intensity

High volume doesn’t mean that every rep shouldn’t burn. Use heavy weights and brief rest periods…unless you are close to throwing up or passing out. 

Lots of Angles

You can depend on a single exercise to make your muscles pop from every view. Hit the muscle from various angles by using different machines and positions.

Constant Tension

You can’t have high intensity if you are taking a break on every rep. Keep constant tension on the muscle by either stopping just short of lock out or squeezing the muscle during a peak contraction. 

Eat For Serious Fat Loss

With bulking season behind us, it is time to shift to fewer calories. This doesn’t mean going into starvation mode but it does mean being in a calorie deficit so that our body starts to use body fat for energy. The right balance is critical for preserving lean muscle while dropping weight.

Muscle burns fat and is why many people hit a plateau on their weight loss program. To start, determine your approximate calorie intake with the TDEE calculator. You then need to determine the appropriate amount of protein to support your training, carbohydrates to sustain energy, and fats to optimize hormone function. 

If this sounds overwhelming, not to fear, your supplement superhero is here!

Getting Cut With Carb Cycling

Want to get absolutely peeled this summer? If you can dedicate yourself to the most effective fat loss nutrition program that allows you to retain (or gain) muscle, then you need to get on a carb cycling program. 

Need a plan to follow? You’re in luck, here is a FREE E-Book showing you exactly how to get absolutely shredded following a carb cycling program.

Supplement For Body Recomposition

The need for supplements goes up when you have a two-fold objective. Burning fat compromises lean muscle. To get jacked & tan for summer, you are going to need to take a guerilla warfare approach to the enemy (fat) while defending the muscle you worked so hard to build.

Here is what you need:

  • Protein powder for post workout and intra meal nutrition.
  • Amino Acids for systemic and muscle recovery.
  • Thermogenic supplements to release adipose tissue.

Along with heavy duty training and solid nutritional programming, the triad of summer supplementation will help you peel that final layer of stubborn body fat while keeping your muscles thick and visible from any angle. 

The Body Recomp Jacked and Tan Stack

Use the following supplements to get beach body ready this season.

  1. Isoluxe 5lb Protein
  2. The Gym Fat Burner
  3. The Gym BCAA/EAA
  4. Evogen L-Carnitine

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We hope you enjoyed this article about how to build a muscular beach body. Make sure to tag us on social media once you reach your version of the perfect beach body. 

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