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Our mission – to unleash and embrace the superhero within you. To nourish your powerful alter-ego. To feed your hardcore and support the ongoing quest for personal perfection. It is possible, and entirely within your grasp.

You Have What it Takes!

We firmly believe in the potential within each of us. As powerful individuals, to achieve monumental triumphs. Let us guide you toward your own personal version of physical perfection!

At 619 MUSCLE, we take your physique goals seriously.


Supplement For Super human Abilities

At 619 MUSCLE, we are a team of seasoned fitness professionals, working together to deliver the most-experienced training advice, nutritional coaching, and supplement programming services available. While we are located in San Diego, many of our clients come to visit us from greater distances, either with an in-store visit or online.

Not your traditional supplement store. At 619 MUSCLE, we carry the most powerful, science-based and real-world tested natural and DSHEA compliant supplements. Our supplement shop carries the best performance-boosting, physique-enhancing supplements and formulations available, from the most reputable companies in the industry!

Flat out, we’ve got the good stuff!

Always Competitve Pricing

You will never overpay for supplements at 619 MUSCLE. Our business model is simple. High quality supplements, at affordable pricing, with unbeatable customer service.

Fat Loss Supplements

Get absolutely shredded with our selection of highly effective fat loss programs. We’ve hand picked only the best products on the market for adipose specific weight loss while retaining your hard earned muscle.

Muscle Building Supplements

Gaining weight and building muscle mass are two different things. Our team creates the right supplement packages to support your muscle building focused training and nutrition program.

Fitness Supplements

Build your physique for peak performance with our fitness supplements. We create supplement stacks that improve overall body composition, strength, and endurance.

Shop our IFBB Athlete Approved Supplements

We have tested thousands of supplements to determine the best supplements for bodybuilders, bombshells, and gym warriors. These products have received the thumbs up seal of approval from professional trainers and competitive athletes. 

Protein Powders: No fluff or amino spiking will be found on our shelves. Shop our line of high quality whey protein isolate or time release protein blends.

Amino Acids: Train hard but recover harder. We have the best amino acids to be used pre or intra workout for training performance and muscle repair.

Pre Workouts: We’ve got the right pre workout to take you from Clark Kent to Superman. Find the perfect stim-pump-focus ratio with our pre workout selection.

Fat Burners: Turn your body into an around the clock thermogenic machine with our fat loss supplements. We can create a 24-hour solution with our effectively dosed stimulant and non-stimulant products.

Testosterone Boosters: Throw those ineffective test boosters in the trash. Our shop carries ONLY the brands who use researched and emerging ingredients to optimize hormones for muscle building and strength purposes

PCT: You’ve pushed hard and now it’s time to repair. Get the right products to cover your specific post cycle therapy needs.

Sleep Aids: You’ve got to sleep to get a superhero physique. We’ve got the right supplements to give your mind and muscles a rest 

Lean Machine Meal Preps
Macro Meal Prep SD

What Customers Have to Say About 619 MUscle

Tiffany Kusumoto
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Pete told me about TG BCAA’s and Preworkout and I’ve been hooked ever since! Both supps are nothing like anything I’ve bought in the past. The BCAA’s have the perfect amount of energy with a flavor that kills my sweet tooth. Not a day that goes by that I also don’t take my TG preworkout. Pete has also recommended the BURN supps by Sexy&Strong and I absolutely love taking these during my contest prep! Everyone in the shop is so friendly and kind. 619Muscle truly has everything I need!
Mark Robinson
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Ran by the best coach in the industry Pete Ciccone, the 619 Muscle supplement store is your one stop shop to getting the best training products on the market at an affordable price.  From pre, intra, and post workout products to products that help you gain or lose weight.  They have ready to eat meal preps, prep food seasonings, and even healthy desserts.  They even have training equipment that’ll help maximize the efficiency of your workouts.  With all this, I don’t see why anyone would need to shop anywhere else.

Come in and experience 619 MUSCLE, Inc…find out for yourself what makes us SoCal’s premier Sports Nutrition shop!

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Attention: US Military SUPERHEROES

If you are currently active in the military, please let our staff know so that we can give you a military discount whenever you visit our sports nutrition store. Thank you for your service!

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If you are currently working as a police officer, firefighter, or another form of uniformed service personal, please let our staff know. We offer first responder discounts as a thank you for serving the 619 communities. – end of section – designed one next to another 

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