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619 MUSCLE, SoCal's Sports Nutrition Authority, is the epicenter of Hardcore Fitness south of the OC. Based out of the "new Mecca", World Gym San Diego, 619 MUSCLE services SERIOUS ATHLETES of all levels. From pro-level to novice, competitive and recreational athletes pushing hard toward their own personal version of success, at 619 MUSCLE, we get it. We're not some fluff and puff corporate nutrition store, and we're not a "wish I was hardcore" supplement shop.

We are the real deal. The Brutal Truth.

We carry ONLY the top lines, where quality and integrity matter.  We've got the exclusive on several, hard-to-find, and boutique products designed to maximize your results, to fuel your own High-Performance lifestyle.

If you're serious about your physique, you have found a home with us.  619 MUSCLE, we take your physique and your results seriously.Stop in today, or contact us here, for more information.  Come on in, let Me and my team of professsional, certified and experienced trainers turn your hard work into the results you never thought possible.

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I have been a personal trainer for the past 8 yrs and in my 3rd year as an NPC competitor. I can honestly say that Pete Ciccone is one of the most knowledgeable individuals in the industry. His understanding of nutrition and supplementation is astounding. I'm naturally a hard gainer, who struggled as a competitor to showcase my physiques potential. Pete made me an aggressive nutrition program and modified the majority of my training regime immediately; and without a second guess. I've consistently gained solid mass, had better conditioning, and a harder, fuller physique since training with him.

-Kevin Armentrout (Athlete)